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5 Burritos To Ruin Your Shitty Summer Chisel Chest.

          Burritos are basically the Bloussant of the food world. An all natural ingest-able for breast enhancement. Burritos don’t give a fuck if you’re a man, woman, child, tortoise, or fuck bird. You don’t have a pert rack? you will after choking down one of these 5 delicious as fuck food… [Continue Reading]

So I made some corn dogs…

In not going into any fucking details. I got drunk and made corn dogs a few ways. When you see this shit at your county cock fair or whatever just remember where you saw it first.

Mozzarella Stick Stuffed With a Hot Dog.

    I really don’t have much to say about this. Fuck you. Here’s some photos and a run down.   I didn’t know how to attack this at first, until i discovered that I could purchase a fucking sheet of mozzarella. Fuck me right? I only needed half of the sheet for the hot… [Continue Reading]

Cookie Dough Cereal Bowl…filled with Cookie Crisp obv.

Just fuckin’ around with some cookie dough. If you don’t like cookie dough there is a 110% chance that you’re a fuckin’ terrorist. I gave this a shot a while back and got my ass pushed in real fuckin’ hard. Tried to bake the cookie dough over and upside down glass bowl and blah blah… [Continue Reading]

Cracker Jack Burger

A lot of people I shoot the shit with about my cooking all seem to have the same question…how do I come up with these shitty concepts? The answer is pretty simple. Some ideas just pop into my head out of the fuckin blue. Some are suggested by my wife. Some are plays on foods… [Continue Reading]

Ramen Sushi.

  Ramen and sushi go dick in hand. They are meant for each other. Often they are just paired together…but why not a ramen-sushi fuck orgy? Basically what I did was replace the boring as fuck regular old sticky white rice with some legit as fuck sticky shitty crushed up ramen noodles. If you cook… [Continue Reading]

[HOW TO] Cheddar Bacon Ramen Egg Roll

  Egg rolls fucking suck. Ramen egg rolls fucking rule. All you need is some wonton or large egg roll wraps, some cooked ramen, bacon, and shredded cheddar. Fold up the bottom corner of the shitty fuck wrap and place a pile of the ramen, mixed with bacon and cheddar on that bitch. Give that… [Continue Reading]


S’mores are fuckin’ everywhere right now. Hansel…so hot right now. So i figured fuck it I’m having me a smortato. Nothing fancy here just your average s’mores ingredients all stuffed up in a sweet potato as fuck. Fuck yeah.

So I made some hot dogs…

It was the 4th of July and I was working the first night of an 80 hour work week…because when you’re a food blogger you have to work a real job because no one makes a living doing this stupid fucking shit. So I cut out of work at about 1am because I wanted to… [Continue Reading]