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More Ramen Taco’s

Been a minute since I made some of these fuckers.   I’d really like to take a whole day and come up with some legit as fuck combinations. Get real asian with this shit. Not totally happy with the way the pictures came out but whatever the fuck ever.   Chicken Bacon Ranch and a… [Continue Reading]

Poutine Sushi

I was going to save this one for the eBook until I realized its not really a recipe. Its just sushi with french fries, curd, and fuckin gravy.   It was my very first attempt at rolling my own sushi and its was easy as fuck. I picked up some shitty white rice from the… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Mozzarella Sticks

Next time you’re getting all liquored up at your local watering hole…order some mozz sticks and tell those mother fuckers to wrap then shits with bacon and jalapeño. Next level drunk shit son

Ramen Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nick from is blowing my fuckin mind once again. Ramen Grilled Cheese? You fuckin kidding me? This thing looks damn good.   Find out how to make your own over at DUDEFOODS.COM !!!!  

Ice Cream Cookie Taco

I didn’t even cook the cookie dough because I hope I get sick and shit myself this thing was that good.


Yeah. It’s a bowl of #BeePHOroni I know you don’t typically see egg…or roast beef…or shitty ramen noodles….or Beeforoni in a Pho, but I give less than half a fuck. This shit is cooler than your grandmothers tit milk.