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White Trash Chicken Sandwich

Today while I was out fucking around, I made an emergency stop at Mc’D and then hit the local cemetery to continue with my fucking around. Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you guys are following on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for new videos every Sunday and throughout the week. Be… [Continue Reading]

Shrimp Cocktail Grilled Cheese

What’s up fam? Back with that Mid-Week Stretch. Todays recipe is a shrimp cocktail grilled cheese. Shrimp cocktail is one of the more popular party foods among people who tend to show up with bags of fucking chips. Like, you should up with ruffles and here you are shoveling shrimp into your fucking suck hole?… [Continue Reading]

Cheeseburger Cutlet Grinder

The other day my lovely wife said to me that she wished she had a cheeseburger cutlet. The alcohol flowing through my veins was unable to comprehend what in the fuck she meant by all of this.  

Fast Food Pizza

Today we’re celebrating National Drive Through Day, because in America everything deserves a day of cele’fuckin’bration. I’ve been wanting to do a fast food pizza for a while, but  shied away from it because I didn’t want to seem like I was stepping on Epic Mealtime’s toes.  But I figured fuck it.  I hit all… [Continue Reading]

Bloody Mary Beef Jerky.

Jess Pryles. Australian. Meat lover. Anti-vegan associate. Hardcore Carnivore.(her signature spice) On top of all this? An absolute knockout. Jess’s Facebook – Twitter – Instagram Jess is the American Dream. Well, the Australian-American Dream. Grilling, Meat, Whiskey & Bourbon. Nothing will make you want to rub your own meat more than watching a woman that… [Continue Reading]

How Legit Is Your Wendy’s Baked Potato?

How Legit Is Your Wendy’s Baked Potato Game? The answer: not fucking legit. One of my favorite things to do is hit the ol’ drive through window, grab a couple rando’s off the menu and make some sort of edible cardiac arrest. According to my mad Google skills this Sunday is National Drive Thorough Day,… [Continue Reading]