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Dunkin Donuts new Steak and Cheese wraps.

Now here’s a place where consistency is just right out the fuckin door. These people could fuck up a wet dream. It doesn’t matter what you get here, it’s never the same twice, and for some reason, people just gotta have this shit every day. Your coffee is either going to taste like shit, or… [Continue Reading]

Bring these fast food joints to the North East!

    When it comes to fast food places and the northeast, we have the fucked end of the stick. There are 13 Dunkin Donuts in my fucking town and not a single whataburger or anything cool. This is pretty much a follow up to the Hardee’s post.     Taco del Mar and Del… [Continue Reading]

Hardee’s coming to the North East

Is anyone as jacked up about this as I fuckin am? According to sources they plan to open about 200 of these joints over the next 5 years. They plan on starting in NJ and NY and move north, and I think that’s some bullshit. Start from the top and work your way to the… [Continue Reading]

Fancy ass food plating

I’m all for getting a plate of food and it lookin’ good, everything in its own place…but I’ll be honest, I’m just gonna be drunk as shit, mash everything on my plate together, slap it on a piece of bread and butter or some shit, and choke it down. I just don’t get the whole… [Continue Reading]

Top 5 foods to stop taking pictures of

I’m not here to tell anyone not to take pictures of food. I love that shit. But in the pictures of foods world, there’s a lot of shit that deserves a picture be taken, and then there’s other shit, that you should just fuck off and eat. I’m guilty of this, and we all are…. [Continue Reading]

BK Has really been fuckin’ up

A burger with fries on it and low fat fries, or “Satisfries” if you want to be a cock about it. Aint nothin satisfying about low-cal low-fat crinklers. Now, I’m the first guy in line to throw my fries on whatever grease laced food I’m about to suck down, but fuck this. Not like, fuck… [Continue Reading]