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The Ultimate Shepherds Pie Burger

Potato Churro-Style Bun? Cheesy Corn? Sliced Gravy? (Yes, I said sliced gravy). All the necessary items to make THE ULTIMATE SHEPHERDS PIE BURGER. What you have with a shepherds pie burger is a lot of things rolled into one. To begin you have shepherds pie – AKA white trash lasagna. The meal of single moms… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Wrapped Taco Pockets

The taco pocket may not be the hero we need but it sure as hell is the hero we need. This is honestly a terrible, lazy and sad attempt for a Sunday Funday video…but it also has not been done before and that’s usually what I’m shooting for. Every week I try to do something… [Continue Reading]

Giant Pizza Ravioli

That nice thing about a pizza ravioli is that instead of using pizza dough you use a giant ravioli. You can fill it with whatever you want but you should probably listen to me when I tell you to fill it with cheese, bacon & jalapeños because I’m fucking smarter than you when it comes… [Continue Reading]

Lasagna Taco

The Lasagna Taco may not be the taco we need, but it most certainly is the taco we deserve. I’m not going to sit here and toot my taco-horn – but I’ve fucked up some shit in the taco world. We all have our talents. Some of us are great photographers. Some of us are… [Continue Reading]

The Ultimate Ramen Sandwich

The sandwich in which you are viewing with your eyes is made entirely out of ramen noodles. Actually its about 70% ramen noodles, 45% puréed butter beans & chickpeas, and like 7% Old Bay Seasoning. Well – actually with the ramen thats also crusted on the outside its about 82% ramen. Im no mathematician but thats… [Continue Reading]

Chicken Skin Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Skin Mozzarella Sticks. The Combustion Engine. Gravity. These are all things we have no idea how or why they work…they just do. Wrapping chicken skin around frozen-dollar store mozzarella sticks and frying them off in your $20 countertop deep fryer is next level. It only takes a few minutes of frying and you’re left with… [Continue Reading]

100% Mozzarella Taco Shell

On a scale of 1 to mozzarella…what do you prefer your taco shells to be made of? The nice thing about a taco shell made completely out of cheese is that you will most likely be backed up for days, and when you finally shit it will look like a fucking human head. This recipe… [Continue Reading]

Outback Steakhouse’ 3 Point Blooming Onion Review

I checked out the new Outback Steakhouse 3 Point Blooming Onion. Yes, its as good as it looks Main Channel ► VLOG channel ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Facebook GROUP ► .

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Crescent-Crust Pizza

ATTENTION CITIZENS OF THE WORLD: From here on out this is how you stuff a pizza crust. Main Channel ► VLOG channel ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Facebook GROUP ►

DUNKIN DONUTS Grande Burrito Review

Is the new Dunkin Donuts Grande Burrito worth your hard earned money? Main Channel ► VLOG channel ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Facebook GROUP ►