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Top 5 hottest chefs in the game

If you are thinking you’re going to catch Rachael Ray on this list, make your way over to instead. These are the hottest of the hot. Top notch smokers. A feast for your eyes and mouths. 5.Marcela Valladolid Who doesnt like a nice and hot Mexican American. Marcela rocks it. Mid 30’s and a… [Continue Reading]

Pumpkin flavored shit to hate this year.

I’m a little late with this one but better late than sorry or however the fuck it goes. I just dot get all the fucking hype. Now, I’m not above suckin down 12 Shipyard Pumpkinheads, or slurping down too many slices of pumpkin cheesecake, but pumpkin lattes? Give me a fucking break. Pop tarts? Fuck… [Continue Reading]

Bloody Mary

You know, I never really thought I’d have to give a run down on how to put together America’s favorite before 8am cocktail…but recently I’ve had so many shitty fucking Mary’s that I might slap a bitch. It’s simple really, a little V8, not tomato juice that shits for idiots and people over 100 years… [Continue Reading]

McDonalds to add chicken wings

Now, as a seasoned fat fuck, I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I mean I’m a go hard Micky D’s guy all fuckin day. Double cheeseburger, extra pickles, extra onions.I haven’t really been upset about any recent things the big MD has done lately besides the McCafe. McDonald’s, you’re greasy, lets fuckin… [Continue Reading]

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box.   Any place that sells shitty burgers and shitty tacos under the same roof is a piece of cock if you ask me. Jack in the box is the fucking worst. Just look at these things. What in the tits are they?   Let me start with the fucking mascot. Fuck… [Continue Reading]

Little Caesars Pizza

I wanna talk about some shitty shit. The top of the shit chain shit. There exists a pizza in this world that sucks the most amount of dicks. That pizza…is Little Caesars. Now, some might argue with me, and say “yeah but you cant beat a pizza for 5 bucks thats ready to go when… [Continue Reading]

Guy Fieri

I don’t know what it is with this dude. I don’t know what it is that makes people fuckin hate him. Maybe it’s his loud inside attitude, his dumpy tats, or Marshall Mathers haircut. I don’t know.     But I fucking dig him.     Now I have never stepped foot in any of… [Continue Reading]