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Big Mac Sushi

So I was driving around in yesterdays “blizzard” when I got a craving for some asshole. Coincidently, I also had a craving for sushi. Problem was that the sushi joint I normally fuck around with was closed, and the McDonalds across the street was open. So I made like an asshole and shit myself. I… [Continue Reading]

Poutine Stuffed Burger

If you have an issue with the amount of poutine related posts I do, you’re either a fucking terrorist or a fucking terrorist. If you don’t like poutine there is a 100% chance you grew up in a house where everyone had asthma and you were allergic to bee’s. I got myself on of my… [Continue Reading]

Leftover Pizza Club Burger Fuck You Sandwich

I finally found a use for all those pesky leftover pizza slices. Make a Ron Jeremy cock sized leftover sandwich…or some shit. I had a leftover combo pizza and some spicy sausage from The Russell Inn and decided to make a fuck your life sandwich for breakfast. Had some freezer burned burgers in the freezer… [Continue Reading]

Big Mac n’ Cheese

You know who he is. I know who the fuck he is. Nick from DudeFoods.com says he was “bored” and decided he wanted a Big Mac fit for a fucking king. He create the Big Mac n’ Cheese So he swapped out that shitty cocksucking sesame seed bun and replaced it with some mac n’… [Continue Reading]

Cracker Jack Burger

A lot of people I shoot the shit with about my cooking all seem to have the same question…how do I come up with these shitty concepts? The answer is pretty simple. Some ideas just pop into my head out of the fuckin blue. Some are suggested by my wife. Some are plays on foods… [Continue Reading]

French Fry Stuffed Burger.

Trying to eat your fries and burger at the same time can be a real pain in the prick. Just simply placing your fries in a burger just makes you look like a fuckin’ greenhorn. SO Stuff the fries right in the fuckin’ burg bro. I went with a lovely blend of McDonald’s and Burger… [Continue Reading]

Mini Doughnut Sliders

I don’t know anymore. I really don’t. For the record the crunch donette was the best. The flavors really did work together. Sometimes when you give a fuck, it’s most important to not give a fuck.