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Cheesy Fried Ramen Balls

Ayyyyyyy you guys like college?!?! How about some fucking deep fried college? Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you guys are following on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and PODCAST for new videos every Sunday and throughout the week. Be sure to give a like on Facebook and join the biggest shit talking… [Continue Reading]

[HOW TO] Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs.

Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs may not be the meatballs we deserve, but they’re the meatballs we fucking deserve. I have this recurring dream where I bread everything with Cheetos instead of breadcrumbs. When I wake from this dream I realize it isn’t really a dreams at all, its just reality, because using Cheetos instead of breadcrumbs… [Continue Reading]

[HOT TO] Flamin’ Hot Whopper Chips

Deep frying fast food is a surefire way to clear up any blockage you might be having in your anal department. We’ve seen the deep fried Big Mac. We’ve seen deep fried Cheeseburger Chips. Shit, I even deep fried a McGangbang just for the fuck of it. Which led me to create this pile of fucking shit…. [Continue Reading]

Deep Fried McGangBang

For this bitch I had to snag a page out of the Peep My Eats playbook. Instead of deep frying a Big Mac, I went for the fucking jugular. Grabbed a McGangBang and throat fucked the living shit out of that little dick hole. Just when you think McDonald’s can’t get any better, you fucking… [Continue Reading]

The Reverse Jalapeño Popper

My good friends / fuck boys Foodbeast and culinarybrodown have gone against science and mother nature with their reverse jalapeño popper recipe. The nice thing about this shitty little fuck tart is that you open yourself up to a plethora of cheese to be had. With most common jalapeño poppers, you’re limited with space to the… [Continue Reading]

Mac n’ Cheese Fried Chicken

  My homegirl Amy from OH, Bite It! is up to her usual tricks. Just giving my mind and taste buds a visual blow job. I don’t really know what I mean by that, but hopefully someone understands. Its almost to the point where I’m ready to throw this pile of shit blog in the… [Continue Reading]

Cheetos Crusted Mac n’ Cheese Doughnuts

  Here’s one you can pull of with a dick in your mouth. All you need is some Mac the fuck Cheese, a doughnut mold tray or whatever the fuck ever, and some crushed Cheetos. Place the Mac the fuck in the doughnut molds and freeze for a few hours.  Pull them shits out of… [Continue Reading]

Fried Golumpki on a Stick

  There is a lovely Lithuanian woman in my town who makes a golumpki you would suck your dad about. Violeta’s Kitchen. She makes some rock your cock off soups(pickled barley is the fucking shit), pirogi’s, desserts, and meat pies as well. I’ve had the idea for a while to completely ruin everything I’m sure… [Continue Reading]