hashfuck# recipes

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Bloody Mary

“A man is only as strong as the Bloody Mary he makes…so make a fucking stiffy.” – Ghandi, Marilyn Monroe & Princess Diana  The Bloody Mary. The international “I’m not a drunk but I want to get drunk at 8am” cocktail to end your hangover and set you up for a day of hard boozing…. [Continue Reading]

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Mozzarella Sticks

Next time you’re getting all liquored up at your local watering hole…order some mozz sticks and tell those mother fuckers to wrap then shits with bacon and jalapeño. Next level drunk shit son


Yeah. It’s a bowl of #BeePHOroni I know you don’t typically see egg…or roast beef…or shitty ramen noodles….or Beeforoni in a Pho, but I give less than half a fuck. This shit is cooler than your grandmothers tit milk.

French Fry Stuffed Burger.

Trying to eat your fries and burger at the same time can be a real pain in the prick. Just simply placing your fries in a burger just makes you look like a fuckin’ greenhorn. SO Stuff the fries right in the fuckin’ burg bro. I went with a lovely blend of McDonald’s and Burger… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Cannoli

Bacon cannoli because I don’t give a shit. Interested in making one yourself? It was really easy. Make a bacon weave, cut that shit into a circle, wrap it around a cannoli tube, and bake the flying fuck out of it. I would have liked to fill this bitch with so many things. Mashed potato,… [Continue Reading]

Ham and Cheese Danish sandwich.

This morning for breakfast I really wanted a ham and cheese sammich. Problem was I had no bread and no cheese. But what I did have was a cheese Danish. So I figured I could kill two birds with one fuck. I also through on some kettle cooked jalapeño potato chips because it’s important to… [Continue Reading]

Hot Fries / Cheddar Fries Mozzarella Sticks

This one is really simple. Some string cheese, flour, eggs, oil for frying, and some crushed up Andy Capp’s hot, and cheddar fries. Just follow the the pictures on this one kids. Once they are ready to fry you’re only going to fry them for about 15 seconds. ENJOY!