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Bacon Wrapped Scallop Burger

What we’re doing here today is a little something I like to call cooking a burger like a fucking champion. I stumbled across a photo recently of a bacon wrapped burger (done up the same way you’ll see here) only it was filled with cheese. I was going to do one filled with French onion soup… [Continue Reading]

Surf ‘n Turf Mac Pie

Steak & Lobster style surf ‘n turf is cool…if you’re a fucking loser. Swap the cow for pig every time. I actually wanted to use some Alaskan King Crab for this recipe, but I had some vacuum sealed lobster from the last time I cooked lobsters. Which proved to fuck me in the end because… [Continue Reading]

The Best Crab/Scallop Cakes In The Fucking World.

    Straight out of the fucking EAT LIKE SHIT COOKBOOK, Crabby Scallop Cakes. Light. Healthy. Fucky. These are great by themselves, or stacked the fuck up slider style with all sorts of shit.   -1 LB LUMP CRABMEAT -2 LARGE SEA SCALLOPS, ROUGHLY CHOPPED -1-EGG -3 TBL MELTED BUTTER -1 tsp OLD BAY┬« SEASONING -1… [Continue Reading]

Coconut Doughnut Ahi Tuna Breakfast Sandwich

I got out of work and was like…fuck…I could really go for some ahi tuna, but I want that shit between two chocolate coconut crusted doughnuts. I was also like…fuck…I could go for some spam and pine-the-fuck-apple on that dirty little fuck stack as well…and fuck it some BBQ sauce too, I already came this… [Continue Reading]