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Taco Slider Bake

Happy SundayFunday, folks. I realize I’ve been slacking in the whole blog-posting department, mainly sticking to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram…but here we are today at least! Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you guys are following on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and PODCAST for new videos every Sunday and throughout the week…. [Continue Reading]

Taco Bell sauces available in bottle

Well it’s about god damn time. Taco Bell has finally manned the fuck up and put it’s delicious sauces in drinkable sized bottles. The bottles cost about a buck and a half and are labeled with the ever so familiar sayings. TB has really been knocking it out of the park lately. First with the… [Continue Reading]

Taco Bell to introduce new drink flavors

When it comes to restaurants partnering up with other companies to create unique fast food menu items, Taco Bell is standing on top of “Don’t fuck with us mountian” holding a flag that says “Kneel and kiss the fuckin’ dirt bro” The Doritos Locos Tacos are quite possibly the biggest hit in fast food history…. [Continue Reading]

Jack in the Box

Jack in the box.   Any place that sells shitty burgers and shitty tacos under the same roof is a piece of cock if you ask me. Jack in the box is the fucking worst. Just look at these things. What in the tits are they?   Let me start with the fucking mascot. Fuck… [Continue Reading]