Hot dog in a sausage bun

Yeah bread makes you fat as fuck.

Split a fuckin’ bacon cheddar sausage down the mid section and stick a god damn dog in that bitch. I’ve been sticking meat in meat since 01′.


19 thoughts on “Hot dog in a sausage bun”

  1. A meat lover’s dream…thanks for sharing! I’m of Polish descent and love chili dogs, so I’d try this variation: a thick kielbasa (made by a local REAL Polish meat market…not that commercial crap from the grocery chains) as the bread, buttered with some mustard, and the dog inside topped with chili. Whaddya think? 😉

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  3. My friends and I improved on the idea. Hot dog, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in sausage, covered in cheese and bacon, wrapped in skirt steak.

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