So I made some hot dogs…

So I made some hot dogs…

It was the 4th of July and I was working the first night of an 80 hour work week…because when you’re a food blogger you have to work a real job because no one makes a living doing this stupid fucking shit.

So I cut out of work at about 1am because I wanted to make some fuckin’ dogs. I came home to the rent free house that I share with my parents, rummaged through the cabinets, grabbed a cock load of shit and made the tits out of some hot dogs.

Here the fuck they are.

Up to bat first is this dog I stuffed between a jelly stick from a little place I like to call “Fuckin Sucknuts” Yeah those are bacon the fuck sprinkles. I really wanted to top this bitch with some ice cream, but someone stole the fuck out of the little bit I had left.


Up next is this bitch. Mother fuckin’ marinara, a little relish that you cant see, some cracker barrel sharp cheddar, and a few slices of hard boil egg. Hard boiled egg is so hot right now…at least with me. I have been putting these shits on everything…and if they are pickled forget the fuck about it. Go ahead, throw a few slices of pickled egg on your next burger bro.


Here is a quick pic of the line up I almost completely destroyed. The only dog that doesnt have its own feature is the one on the far left. Just some salami, cheese, and banana pepper rings. Nothing fancy but still tasted like the best cock I have ever had.


Last but not the fuck least…This peanut butter-marshmellow-chocolate sauce fuck pile. This shit was fire. I was honestly unsure as to how this one was going to taste, but it took the fucking win. I have no regrets with this one.


….and because some cunt (second time I have used this word on my blog) told me I don’t eat the things I post…I just make them and throw them away…here is a photo of what I had left. You can see the ones I favored.


Come fucking fight me bro.





8 thoughts on “So I made some hot dogs…

  1. Thanks for posting these dogs….especially the one with BACON and strawberry preserves, ‘cuz I love to experiment with various combos of meat and fruit. Might try that one myself with grilled white hots as well as regular dogs.

    The hard-boiled egg and cheese one would make a great breakfast dog!

    Got an idea for that chocolate marshmallow dog….cut the dog lengthwise, then butterfly and grill it using peanut oil (gives a great flavor to the dog!). Have graham crackers ready, as well as marshmallows to toast. When the dog is done, put it on a graham cracker, cover it with toasted marshmallow and chocolate sauce. Then when someone asks if they can have s’more dogs, you can give ’em a REAL one. 😀

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