Cracker Jack Burger


A lot of people I shoot the shit with about my cooking all seem to have the same question…how do I come up with these shitty concepts?

The answer is pretty simple.

Some ideas just pop into my head out of the fuckin blue. Some are suggested by my wife. Some are plays on foods I might see on a cooking or travel show

The majority of them are just me being drunk at the grocery store and having an item catch my eye.

Pretty much what happened here. I was drunk cruising around my local liquor supplier, saw some cracker jacks, looked at my wife and said “fucking god damn cracker fuck jacks”

I don’t go home and try to force ideas out because fuck that shit. I let the ideas flow naturally. Sometimes it takes a few days..sometimes a few weeks.

I could have went a million different shitty ways with the cracker fuck jacks.

I thought about using them as a breading for some chicken tenders, with a nice brown sugar/honey mustard dipping sauce.

I thought about making some sort of ball park inspired hot dog with cracker jacks and roasted peanuts…maybe turned into some sort of nachos.

I decided on a big shitty burger because I love burgers. Someone recently called me out bitching about how burgers should be basic and simple and blah blah too many toppings. So told him to fuck his mother. Yeah we all love a classic burg, but there’s nothing more satisfying than building a fuckin monster burger and housing that shit with your crew.

Anyways, I thought a big burger would be the perfect bed for this box of jacks to fuck all over. The greasy meaty burger, the creamy sharp cheddar, salty bacon, sweet maple syrup, and cracker jacks all between a halved glazed doughnut. I thought all the sweets were going to be an overkill but it was legit as 9 fucks. Even with the added syrup the beef and bacon along with the cheese really cut through and toned the sweetness down.

Next time you’re poking around your local bodega, grab yourself a box of cracker jacks and fuck some shit up.

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