Cookie Dough Cereal Bowl…filled with Cookie Crisp obv.

Cookie Dough Cereal Bowl…filled with Cookie Crisp obv.


Just fuckin’ around with some cookie dough. If you don’t like cookie dough there is a 110% chance that you’re a fuckin’ terrorist.

I gave this a shot a while back and got my ass pushed in real fuckin’ hard. Tried to bake the cookie dough over and upside down glass bowl and blah blah blah it was a huge fucked experiment gone rogue. Cookie dough melting all over my parents shitty oven. It was a real fuck of a bitch.

So I sat on the idea for a while. I really wanted to eat Cookie Crisp cereal out of a god damn bowl made of cookie dough.

I thought maybe I should deep fry the dough, maybe I need some fruity fuckin mold I don’t know. I settled with forming the dough over a small upside down bowl that I had wrapped with plastic wrap. Stuck that cocksucker in the freezer for about an hour, pulled it out and removed the dough from the bowl. Fuckin perfect. Don’t get me wrong, if the dough was actually cooked this would have been super legit. A nice soft ass milk soaked cookie to chomp on after you were done, but this way was cool as fuck too. Slurp down the bowl of cereal and suck down the fuckin moist and chewy cookie dough. This is the shit our forefathers fought for. The right to eat cookie in cookie. The right to give no fuck. The right to take a piss and not wash your hands because the sink and door handle are dirtier than your dick.


9 thoughts on “Cookie Dough Cereal Bowl…filled with Cookie Crisp obv.

  1. Would cooking it on the bowl worked if you put it on a pan and kind of built foil up around the bottom of the dough to catch it? Just a thought.

  2. Bro if you put the cookie dough between 2 bowls the one bowl would keep that shit in place while the oven does its business

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