100% Cheese Whoopie Pie



I was lucky enough to check out the new “cookbook” from Thug Kitchen…………………..

Wasn’t a single fucking ramen recipe in that bitch so fuck that. Thug Kitchen? More like the racist wankster cooking show. Theres nothing fucking thug about pumpkin chili. Thats basic bitch soup.

This shit pissed me off so much I needed to eat something completely filthy. My boy Nick from DudeFoods made a 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich over a year ago, and I now wanted to make a whoopie pie. Only I wanted to make it as shitty as fucking possible because that fucking cook book pissed me the fuck off.

I mixed some macaroni and cheese with an egg yolk, placed into a small dish and microwaved it to cook the yolk. Im basically using the yolk as glue. Fucking science.

The middle is filled with none other than Easy Cheese out of a fucking can.

I’ll be honest. This thing was cheesy as fuck. Just an overload of cheese. I have to imagine it tastes similar to a whoopee pie that was made mostly of cheese.




23 thoughts on “100% Cheese Whoopie Pie

  1. “I’m so” – justifiably, don’t get me wrong! – “angry about the racism and cultural appropriation of Thug Kitchen that I’m going to cause a whole lot of harm – including murder – to a whole lot of animals.” Hurting animals for fun and revenge? Know what that makes you? A fucking sociopath.

    1. Which animal was killed? You mean the calfs whose rennet is a byproduct that would otherwise be thrown away? Or the chicken that laid that egg, which has been bred to produce many more eggs than could ever be used, or that unfertilised egg itself? No, not a single animal has been harmed by this article. Total wankery in that comment.

  2. I get the concept of Thug Cookbook but the people behind it are exceptionally lame and the shit in there is not very creative. I actually am vegetarian and I would not buy that shit! Also, the swearing they do while promoting their book is sooo staged…don’t forget to say fuck and fucking in every sentence to keep in theme of my lame book…is how it comes off to me (not authentic). I think swearing and more aggressive cooking should be done with a mainstream diet (meat/fish/etc…and I say this being a vegetarian!) I only am vegetarian because I hate the taste of meat and got food poisoning on a Big Mac at 16 and never touched that shit again. I am not trying to be trendy as most aholes that follow in the vegan/non gluten do. One of the late shows did a man on the street and interviewed random morons that said they ate gluten free and had no freakin’ idea what it was,,,,

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