The Struggle is Real Lasagna (Romsagna)

If you’re broke as fuck and don’t get paid for being a food blogger like myself and the million other idiots talking about food on the interweb, chances are you can’t afford a decent meal for yourself. You’re the caption and co-piolet of the fuckin’ struggle bus. You shower with dish soap. You wipe your ass with the Sunday paper, and not the nice paper part. The shitty shiny coupon pages. Leaving you blistered and your corn hole chafed.


Its time to treat your strugglin’ ass mother fucker. The Romsagna.  You’re going to par boil the ramen in a microwave machine. Not sure if that makes any sense but I’ve heard Guy Fieri say it like million times so fuck it. Then all you’re going to do is build this bitch up. Sauce, ricotta, repeat. Top layer with some sauce and mozzarella. Bake at 375 for like 15 minutes or until the cheese on top starts to melt.

Fuck you.


lasagna edit


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