Cheesy Bacon Ramen Pops

Cheesy Bacon Ramen Pops

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This shit’s an idea I have been toying around with while I’m not at my shitty fucking day job. I didn’t know what I wanted to stuff in these cocksuckers. I originally thought mac the fuck, but decided I’ve jerked the mac the fuck cheese dick a little too hard. I also thought spaghetti & meatball or maybe even shepards pie and also said fuck that. I settled on Ramen, Bacon, and Cheese because I forgot the last time I really gave a fuck.

These are easy too make unless you’re a fucking loser. I took some bread (wheat was all I had so fuck off), cut the crust off, flattened the shit out of it, hit it with some egg wash….fuck it heres some pictures I fucking hate words.





You’re basically going to make a breadball. Rub the outside with more egg wash and roll that shit in some bread crumbs. I gave them a double dip because I wasn’t fucking driving. This picture came out blurry as fuck because I’m an asshole.


Fry them in some oil on the “low as fuck” setting, or bake them in the oven on the “I don’t know what temp because I fried them so figure it the fuck out yourself” setting.

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