[HOW TO] Poutine Doughnut

[HOW TO] Poutine Doughnut

double whammy


My recent trip to Montreal left me inspired, depressed, drunk, horny, pissed and a whole bunch of other fucking feels. I was mostly inspired by the food culture. There was something different on every corner. You know what I have on every corner in my town? A Dunkin fuck you Donuts…but I can’t hate.

It was on our way out of town. We walked into a Dunkin to get some shitty breakfast sandwiches when I told my wife to grab me 15 doughnuts. Excited about the trip that was about to happen and the knowing that I would be crushing fucking poutine in no time, for some reason I also said “grab me a fucking poutine doughnut.”


And thats how the story went.


I tried this a few different ways before I came up with some shit that worked out. I used some sort of shitty oven baking doughnut maker that I purchased on the internet. The two methods I settled with were mixing chopped fries with a small amount of egg yolk and baking.

As you can see in the photo, the doughnut up front I actually chopped frozen fries up and mixed with egg yolk and baked. The one in the back was with fully cooked warm fries and a little more egg yolk. The one in the back held up better but the one up front is sexy as fuck.





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