Buffalo Chicken Mac the Fuck Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms



Are you the pile of shit constantly bringing spinach dip to a social event? Are you the first to say “Ill get plates and cups”? If thats the case go fuck yourself. Why don’t you whip up these bad Larry’s. Only takes about 25 minutes if your cock is hard enough.

Clean roughly 20-25 mushroom caps. Grab a rotisserie chicken from your local supermarket and remove all the delicious flesh from that cocksucker and shred the fuck out of it. Mix the chicken with one of those containers of microwaveable mac the fuck cheese. Toss in some hot sauce, spices, and ranch dressing Stuff into the shitty mushroom caps and bake @ 375 for about 10 minutes.

Now Bend over in the mirror and take a look at your asshole. Yeah. Welcome to the real world.


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