A Few Mac The Fuck Cheeses Your Dad Would Mustache Ride.

A Few Mac The Fuck Cheeses Your Dad Would Mustache Ride.


When I was a little fuck fritter growing up I hated mac the fuck cheese. I honestly only recently started to enjoy it. The only way I would eat it as a kid was smothered in fucking ketchup. I think the issue was that any time someone made mac the fuck, it tasted like a fucking a wet flavorless noodle fuck pile. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I got my hands on some sharp ass cheesy as 10 fucks mac the fuck cheese and I was forever a changed cock.


Bánh mì Mac the Fuck Cheese


I recently got one more Bánh mì than I asked for. Im convinced its just me. When there is some sort of language barrier between myself and someone serving my fat ass food, no matter how specific I make myself I always get more than I originally ordered. Thats what happened here. I told the lovely Vietnamese woman “HI CAN I GET JUST ONE OF YOUR BANH MI’s” as I held up one finger. So of coarse I get two and I’m not sending one of those delicious meat fucking toboggans back. So I deconstructed that slut and turned it into some mac fuck you cheese.


 Taquitos Mac the Fuck Cheese w/ an Egg


Taquitos are the international symbol for I’m drunk as shit at a gas station at 3am. They are also the symbol for keep me on the hot dog rollers for 19 hours so I fucking dry out and taste like a rusty butt hole, but still enjoyable to some extent. Nothing fancy here really just cut some of those meat and cheese filled noodle dick sticks up, got fancy with them and placed them around the edge of a bowl, piled on some mac the fuck and topped with an egg because protein.

 Hot Fries Mac the Fuck Cheese w/ Jerky & Jalapeños 


I love hot fries. Sometimes I shove them in my asshole just to feel alive. I can totally see myself and Andy Capp doing a wife swap and giving each others wife a throw. Hell I’d even give Andy a throw because I’m a fuckin fruitcake like that. Hot fries make for a great breading, great for dipping in an ass, or a french onion dip, or as the base of a fucking epic mac the fuck cheese. It would have been a little easier to eat if I had crushed them up a bit before tossing on the mac and jerky but whatever the fuck ever. Hot fries, mac the fuck, local Billy C’s Beef Jerky, and some jalapeños because my corn hole was begging for a beating.


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