French Bread Pizza Burger Sliders

French Bread Pizza Burger Sliders

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So we all remember the French bread meatball grinder? The thing was fucking tits. Ever since I made it I’ve been wanting to try it again. I thought it would be Ryan Gosling of me to make some fucking sliders.

I picked up a few Stouffers French bread pizzas and cooked them how I wanted, because I don’t take orders from a fucking cardboard cock box. While they were cooking, I made 4 small slider burgers. I paired two of them with cheese, and the other two I paired with a microwaveable Chili’s bacon mac the fuck cheese.

If your burgers are proportioned correctly, you should be able to get 3 sliders for every two slices of French fuck you bread.

The first one was a just a tit hair too hot. It made a real fuckin’ mess. I assembled the second one and let the pizza cool down for about 5. This one held together like the pages of a video game instruction manual that I used to blow my loads in.


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