Poutine Stuffed Burger

Poutine Stuffed Burger

4x4 EDIT

If you have an issue with the amount of poutine related posts I do, you’re either a fucking terrorist or a fucking terrorist.

If you don’t like poutine there is a 100% chance you grew up in a house where everyone had asthma and you were allergic to bee’s.

I got myself on of my pal Chef Brian Duffy’s products, StufZ, for christmas. I knocked out a Ramen Stuffed Burger followed buy this majestical titty licker. I filled the innards with fries and curd. When the cocky little prick was cooked, I smothered it with brown gravy. Everyone is so caught up with topping poutine with other shit. I say top and stuff other shit with poutine. If I had the power I would stuff a fucking apple with poutine. (hmmmmmmm)

ps. not really sure whats going on with that one rouge rebel fry in the fucking middle, but thats bad ass.


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