Fried Golumpki on a Stick

Fried Golumpki on a Stick

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There is a lovely Lithuanian woman in my town who makes a golumpki you would suck your dad about. Violeta’s Kitchen. She makes some rock your cock off soups(pickled barley is the fucking shit), pirogi’s, desserts, and meat pies as well. I’ve had the idea for a while to completely ruin everything I’m sure she stands proud for and deep fry the fuck out of some of her golumpki’s. 

I started by dapping (not sure if that makes sense, but your mother is a whore so I don’t fucking care) the golumpki’s with a paper towel to get any excess moisture off of the outside. Next I rolled them around in some flour. After the flour fuckery, I dipped them in an egg/milk wash, into some breadcrumbs, back in the egg wash, and finally back in the breadcrumbs.

Now the golumpki’s were cold so I fried them at a low temp for about 3 minutes. Im not positive on what the temp was exactly, but it was somewhere between 0 and 500 degrees. When they were cooked I stuck a skewer in them because its a scientific fact hat food tastes better when its served on a stick.



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