Big Mac Sushi

Big Mac Sushi


So I was driving around in yesterdays “blizzard” when I got a craving for some asshole. Coincidently, I also had a craving for sushi. Problem was that the sushi joint I normally fuck around with was closed, and the McDonalds across the street was open. So I made like an asshole and shit myself.

I started out breaking down my Big Mac Meal into sushi grade materials. Tossed the fucking buns because fuck bread.



I used a cock ton of fries, which made it a real pain in the dick trying to roll up. Next time I would go with less fries and maybe hit them with a rolling pin or my big fat Canadian small dick.

Next I piled on some of the “meat” from the Big Mac. This was my first time handling someone else’s meat other than my fathers.



I was going to ask for extra lettuce and Mac sauce so I had something to work with, but the pile of puke that they gave me worked out just fine.



What I really should have asked for was extra pickles. I don’t know why I didn’t. I always order extra pickles and onions. I really sucked this dick. So I added a few slivers of some pickled I had kicking around my parents house that I reside in.



I don’t have any photos of me rolling this shit up, but you get the fucking idea.



4 thoughts on “Big Mac Sushi

  1. Seriously, that looks like a bag of smashed assholes but I’d still probably fucking eat it. If there was Dr.Pepper involved. You gotta have DP when mentioning assholes.

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