Beef Wellington (The Vulgar Chef Edition)

Beef Wellington (The Vulgar Chef Edition)



Beef Wellington. Filet of beef wrapped in puff pastry. Typically with some sort of pureed mushroom shit sauce and prosciutto or some shit. I gave this a whack before on my TMNTcooks Blog. Went crazy with the fucking thing. Cheese, salami, stuffing bbq sauce, really fucked this bitch up.



What I did here was a shittier version with much less effort. Mac the fuck and bacon. Get yourself a nice filet. I got myself a two packer from wally world for 7 bucks, and they were bacon the fuck wrapped. Gave the filet a quick sear on both sides and then laid it on some bacon. This is where I first fucked up. Actually, the first time I fucked up was when I let my father have sex with my mother to bringing me into this world. I really should have done a bacon weave here. It was a pain in the fucking ass trying to roll this shit up.

photo 1


Lay it on some plastic wrap so you can roll it up into some sort of fucking thing.



Im not sure what happened between this last photo and the next photo, but I’m 100% positive I got drunk as fuck and forgot to take more photos. Take that shitty meat wrap and refrigerate for about 45 minutes. When you pull it out of your fridge, you’re going to roll it up in some puff pasty. Lay the puff pastry on some plastic wrap and roll that bitch up too. Refrigerate again for about an hour.


I baked it at 375 for roughly 40 minutes. This will give you a blood red filet. If you cook this shit any longer you’re a fucking meat terrorist.





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