Mini Reuben Taco Sliders

Mini Reuben Taco Sliders




In honor of the great St. Patrick, I decided to make some Irish “food”. I don’t know much about Ireland or St. Patrick, but I know I fucking love Irish cuisine and lifestyle. Lets all get drunk and boil the fuck out of some shit. Hell yeah.

Now I am in no way shape or form Irish in any way. We’ve been over this. The whole fat drunk Canadian thing, but if at some point in the month of March you don’t throw on a green shirt, drink green beer, and shit a green shit you’re just a fucking downer.

Before I drunkenly ramble on, I made some mini reuben taco sliders….or whatever the fuck you want to call them. My one regret is not being able to find slices or marble rye that were big enough, hence the “mini”.





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