Doritos Crust Pizza

Doritos Crust Pizza

If you don’t like Doritos you’re either a terrorist or a fucking asshole. They can do no wrong. Cool Ranch? Jacked Street Taco? Suck my fucking cock clean off my body.

I could have went with any flavor but I wanted to kick it old school and go with the OG Dorito. At first I actually thought that I might try to make an actual “dough” with the Doritos. Cut half the flour from a pizza dough recipe and replace with crushed Doritos. It started to sound like a lot of fucking work and I’m a lazy pile of shit.

So I crushed the Doritos up and mixed them with like 5 egg yolks. Thought about adding some parmesan cheese to the mix and I probably should have. The Doritos crust held together pretty good but could have used something else to act as a binding agent.






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