Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Buns

Bacon Wrapped Mozzarella Buns


Since it’s become extremely fashionable for BuzzFeed (the ISIS of click bait) to lack originality and turn to ripping off recipes from some of my good friends in this food community I am a part of, I thought I would do the same to them.

I’m not sure whose calling the shots over at FuckedFeed, or whose in charge of these little food video recipes they have been putting together, but consider this write up and recipe a formal invitation to whoever is involved to park their lips on my tiny cock hole.

That being said, a few weeks back CuntFeed posted a video of a bacon wrapped grilled cheese. I know, extremely creative seeing as how did this in 2012. (Along with his bacon weave ice cream sandwich, which ShitFeed also ripped off)

I’m not going to post their shitty video, but I will post this eerily similar video of my recipe for bacon wrapped mozzarella bricks. Easily enjoyed alone, or replacing the buns on your common burger.

Yo FuckedFeed, just stick to ‘Whose cock from Game Of Thrones belongs in your mouth’ and ‘Americans taste cocks from other men in their neighborhood’ type-posts.

Suck my dick.




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