#DEEPFryday – Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Pancakes

#DEEPFryday – Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Pancakes



Shoutout to my new post I’ll be doing every Friday, called #DEEPFryday. Every Friday I’ll be posting a new blog post and video featuring some food cooked in my crusty fucking deep fryer. 

Up to kick this bitch off is a stack of chocolate chip pancakes ,crusted with some crushed the fuck up graham crackers. Yeah, deep fried pancakes are out there on the web, but why hasn’t anyone just deep fried a whole fucking stack? I’ll tell you why. Because I’m the one with the cock to do so.

I got myself turnt on those freezer section pancakes in a box and I can’t get un-turnt from em’. 

These fuck cakes come 3 to a pack, so I used two packs, because that’s pretty much what will fit in your mom, and my fryer. I thought about making my own pancakes but I don’t have the fucking patience to use a spatula.

Watch the video below and subscribe to  get yourself learnt as fuck.





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