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You go hard in the paint?

I paint hard in your chick.

She wants this Canadian man dime,

Not some pre-cummy dick.

Get it? Like my dick is the paintbrush, and my man sauce is the paint, and I bust in your girl. 

I don’t know. I’ve been rapping in my head a lot and that line just stuck with me. I wouldn’t fuck your chick because I prefer to only enter my wife.

Here’s one for all the dickheads out there. This ain’t some amateur hour shit. Your pallet has to be on fucking point to enjoy this shit. You have to be a fan of jalapeños, cocks, fluff, dicks, graham crackers, penis parties, chocolate, and chocolate covered cocks.

If you’ve never had fluff, I encourage you to go out, purchase a tub of it, shot up to your parents and make your father watch you fuck your mother for raising you without fluff in your life.

The jalapeños maintain a good crunch which kind of fucking bothered me at first, but I pulled my dick out of the sand and manned the fuck up. Although, next time I would roast the jalapeños over an open flame and remove the skin to give the jalapeños the flaccid dick treatment. I would flaccidize them. The flaccification would be great. Are these flaccid jokes hitting anyone’s soft spot? 

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