Deep Fried Frozen Food Kebab..because…fat.

Deep Fried Frozen Food Kebab..because…fat.

So I’ve been trying to keep a tight butt hole of a schedule, posting new videos / recipes every Monday and Wednesday, and a new feature I call #DEEPFryday every Friday. I managed to successfully do this for one week before succumbing to my love for Stone Breweries “Thunderstruck” anniversary IPA.

But hey, at least I tried.

Since trying to have something new 3 days a week is a too much of me to ask myself, I’m going to give it  50% effort and at least get two of the days, one of them being #DEEPFryday.

For this weeks #DEEPFryday, I took a tour down the freezer section and grabbed a few of my favorite weapons. Friday’s loaded potato skins, White Castle burgers, and Bagel the fuck Bites.


I put the frozen food through a process I like to call unfreezifying. You basically take the shitty food from your freezer, and stick it in your fridge until it’s unfrozen.

I jammed a skewer through my arsenal of frozen fucking food, rolled it in some egg wash, proceeded to the crushed Cheetos section of my kitchen, and then fried at 350.



The nice thing about making one of these Shit Skewers, is that instead of just maybe microwaving and eating the food, you are now creating a lot of work and fucking cleanup for no reason. 

But it’s fucking delicious.



Stop back next week and watch me deep fry a fucking math book.




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