Bone Marrow Burger

Bone Marrow Burger




Much like your father, I enjoy some good bone inside of me. 

Unlike your father, I enjoy that bone marrow’d and not in my ass. Unless it’s your fathers bone. 

It’s a little absurd I made it almost 30 years on this planet without ever having fucked a blonde, or trying bone marrow. 

The bone marrow burger is delicious as fuck. Super simple. You roast some bone marrow, let it cool and mix into some ground beef. 

I used 1 pound of ground beef and four large bone marrow…pieces? Mixed it all together and made two 8oz patties. Gave a decent sear on each side before tossing under the broiler to melt the American cheese. If you use anything other than American cheese stick your fucking face in a meat grinder.


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