How to Make The Best Thanksgiving Sandwich

How to Make The Best Thanksgiving Sandwich

The Thanksgiving sandwich. The undisputed World Heavyweight Champion of all leftover sandwiches. You don’t need a large list of shit to make a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. All you need are some fucking leftovers.

Generally enjoyed after a hearty bong-load, drunk at 2am, or more fashionably…like two fucking hours after you’ve already piled 4 pounds of food in your fat fucking mouth.

The standard leftover sandwich in my eyes must at least consist of the following:

-Cranberry sauce

Anything in addition to these ingredients is a bonus. Green been casserole, bacon, cheese, and turnip are amongst some common bonus ingredients, without the addition of someone actually adding turnip to this masterpiece and fucking ruining it.

The sandwich is generally served on some old fashioned white bread or possibly even on some leftover dinner rolls, thus creating Thanksgiving sliders.

Fuck that.

I decided to go with a more “me” version to stand in for the bread. Made a couple of stuffing-patties stuffed with the finest of American cheeses. Make the patties, freeze them, egg wash, bread & fucking deep fry.

For the turkey I pretty much did the same thing I did with the stuffing, only I filled the patty with cranberry sauce, wrapped it with bacon, and cooked in a cast iron. I guess this is actually nothing like how I did the stuffing. Fuck you.

For the whole build I kept it pretty simple with the addition of some green bean casserole and and runny as all fuck egg.

This thing was a real kick in the cunt to try and eat in a classic burger stance, so I eventually made the switch to a large soup ladle to assist with the shoveling of food into my shit-filled fucking grease hole.



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