Bacon Blunts

Bacon Blunts


Bacon potato blunts. Basically a play on my bacannoli only with potato & cheese and not shit house cheese in a fuckin can this time.

Super easy to make if you have some cannoli tubes. If you don’t have cannoli tubes, I don’t know. Fuck off about it.


Wrap the cannoli tubes with bacon and bake(375 for 20-30) That’s it. That’s all there is to it. Make yourself a piping bag and pipe in whatever you’re looking to fill these fuckers with. Pipe your little prick in there for all that I care.



To get the bacon off of the tubes I wrapped my hand with a paper towel and shimmied them off like I was jerking a dick real slow from balls to tip. Literally.

IMG_5040_Fotor IMG_5039_Fotor



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