Make Yourself A Hotdog Bun Out Of Mac ‘n Cheese

Make Yourself A Hotdog Bun Out Of Mac ‘n Cheese


Hotdogs are chill. Mac the fuck cheese is pretty chill. Hotdogs mixed in Mac the fuck cheese is chiller. A hot dog bun made out of Mac the fuck cheese that houses a bacon wrapped hot dog is the fucking chillest.

I’m a huge fan of wrapping paper towel tubes with tinfoil after seeing my girl Natasha from do it to make some bacon chocolate shot glasses. Literally. I’ve just been sitting around stoned as fuck wrapping tinfoil around paper towel tubes for no reason. 

So I found a reason. 

Hot dog bun made of Mac the fuck cheese. Super easy to make and all you need is some left over Mac the fuck cheese, a few eggs, and, you guessed it…a paper towel tube and some tin-the-fuck-foil.


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