[HOT TO] Flamin’ Hot Whopper Chips

[HOT TO] Flamin’ Hot Whopper Chips


Deep frying fast food is a surefire way to clear up any blockage you might be having in your anal department. We’ve seen the deep fried Big MacWe’ve seen deep fried Cheeseburger Chips. Shit, I even deep fried a McGangbang just for the fuck of it.

Which led me to create this pile of fucking shit. Cheetos Flamin’ Hot BAKED Whopper chips. Not my most creative work, but delicious none the less. My suggestion to anyone who constantly breads things with…well..bread, is to make the permanent switch to Cheetos crumbs. I know I’ve beaten the Flamin’ Hot dick dry, but its what I do. I beat dicks dry. Not like…beating a dick without any lube..but like…beating a dick until nothing else comes out.

Execution is simple. Get a whopper…bread with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos…and bake. Dip in ketchup like a real man. AND…if you’re a REAL man, you’ll get two Whoppers, bread and deep-the-fuck-fry a whole one just to show the world the amount of fuck you don’t give.


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