Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs.

Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs.
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Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs may not be the meatballs we deserve, but they’re the meatballs we fucking deserve. I have this recurring dream where I bread everything with Cheetos instead of breadcrumbs. When I wake from this dream I realize it isn’t really a dreams at all, its just reality, because using Cheetos instead of breadcrumbs is what our forefathers would have fucking wanted.  This recipe is actually a spawn of a Flamin’ Hot Mac the Fuck Cheese Meatball recipe that I had backed out on: 1: Because I forgot about it until now 2: Because I felt as if I was jerking the Flamin’ Hot/Mac the fuck Cheese dick a little much 3: Because I do what the fuck I want.
flamin hot mac the fuck cheese
But the past is the past, the future is now, and the present doesn’t matter. Which leaves us here with Cheesy Cheetos Meatballs…which were made into a Cheesy Cheetos Meatball Cheesy Cheetos Grilled Cheese, and eventually finished off as a Cheesy Cheesy Meatball Deep Fried Cheetos Crusted Cheesy Cheetos Grilled Cheese. ENJOY!
grilled cheese plain
fried meatball sammich


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