Pizza Stuffed Pizza…With Pizzas on Top

Pizza Stuffed Pizza…With Pizzas on Top


We’ve all seen the pizzas with mini pizzas on top, and the pizza cake has played its role in American history. A few months back I myself even topped a pizza with bagel bites…

because that’s all I fucking had for toppings.

I wanted to creat something a little more fundamental this week. I’m not really sure what fundamental means, but a pizza stuffed with a pizza with pizzas on top seems fundamental to me.

All you need for this fuckin’ banger is a couple of pizza doughs, a cooked frozen pizza, some cheese, sauce, and mini pizzas.

IMG_3850_Fotor IMG_3906_Fotor IMG_3898_Fotor IMG_3895_Fotor IMG_3879_Fotor IMG_3873_Fotor


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