Bacon Mozzarella Cannons

Bacon Mozzarella Cannons

We’ve all seen them. Bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks. I’ve even had bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks with a few jalapeños tucked under the fucking bacon which was L.A.F. (legit as fuck for those of you just joining us)

But why not more mozzarella sticks? Better yet…why not FOUR mozzarella sticks?

1 Slice of bacon per 4 mozzarella sticks. Thats it. That’s all you need. The mozzarella sticks are cooked with the bacon from frozen. If you try to use thawed or leftover mozzarella sticks you’re going to have a fucking blowout.

The trick is to cook them on MED-HIGH heat. You want the bacon to cook before the mozzarella has a chance to ejaculate out of its vessel.

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