Triple Bacon Cheddar Corn Dog

Triple Bacon Cheddar Corn Dog

I’ve ben know to be a bit of a corndogger. No, I’m not talking about the same corndogging Elton John or Rob Halford are familiar with. (see corn dogging definition)

Nothing against my gay male fams…but fuck, even for me corndogging is extreme as fuck.

What I meant about me being a bit of a corndogger (I can’t even say it now without getting a fucking visual) was that I’ve fucked around with some corn dogs.

This blog post really isn’t coming together like I thought it would….

There’s my red velvet corn dog, where I coated a cheap as fuck hot dogs with a 50/50 corn dog-red velvet batter combo. There’s also my blueberry sausage corn dogs, and lastly, my Doritos crusted corn dog grilled cheese…because who wants to live to see 35 anyways?

In my most recent of Google image prowling it came to my attention that there really hasn’t been a triple hot dog corn dog, let alone a triple jalapeño cheddar bacon wrapped hot dog-corn dog.






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