The Ultimate Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

The Ultimate Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

When life hands you lemons, shove the lemons in your hole and stuff some bread with spaghetti and cheese.

This chicken parm sandwich will knock your dick…you guessed it…right in the fucking dirt.

If there was ever a moment in your life where you had to question whether or not you were indeed ‘fat as fuck’, eating one of these should clear that right the fuck up for you. This bad Larry will ensure you reach maximum man ‘tittery’ just in time for summer. You’ll be growing that potato sack-like pouch between your legs in fucking no time. What is that even? What do they call that? Its like a fat grundle/gooch/taint area. A fundle?. A fooch? A fat fucking taint? Whatever its called, this sandwich will give you a swollen patch between your arms and legs.

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