Bloody Mary Pickle Shooter

Bloody Mary Pickle Shooter


If you ask me, Bloody Mary’s and pickles go together like Oscar Pistorius and Ozzy Osbourne’s 1986 hit song “Shot in the Dark”. I mean I’m not here to point fingers or nubbed legs but for fucks sake who the fuck opens up fire in a dark fucking room?

Ok…let me catch myself before I get too far off the sprint track.

The Pickle-Mary. Swamp Things Blood Hole. My Dilly Vodka Pipe.

There are a number of things you could call this creation. A waste of time would be most fitting.

Like why couldn’t you just either have a Bloody Mary with a pickle in it, or just chase a shot of vodka with pickle juice?


The most difficult thing with this creation is finding a legit as fuck pickle to work with. Once you have that knocked out the rest is a walk in the park. Vodka, Bloody Mary mix, celery salt, pepper, and bacon crumbles. The nice thing about this other than that it’s A SHOT OF BOOZE YOU TAKE OUT OF A PICKLE is that you can refill the little cucumber cunt multiple times, and when you’re done just chomp on the fucker.

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