Chicken Skin Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Skin Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Skin Mozzarella Sticks. The Combustion Engine. Gravity.

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These are all things we have no idea how or why they work…they just do.

Wrapping chicken skin around frozen-dollar store mozzarella sticks and frying them off in your $20 countertop deep fryer is next level. It only takes a few minutes of frying and you’re left with this crispy/salty/cheesy stick of fucking greatness. 

Before muff-diving my way into this recipe I had to decide which “cut?” of chicken I should use for the skin. I purchased a package of drums and a package of thighs. Not trying to brag or anything, thats just the kind of Google Ad Revenue I make.

The drums were fucked. Not enough skin to wrap my little pecker if I tried. The thighs were where it was at. The skin was fairly easy to remove, and with the leftover chicken I was able to make a white trash chicken soup. (chicken-a few packets of ramen-couple cans of veggies-jar of pasta sauce-various fucking spices)

You’ll be left with some sort of skin-tag looking corner of the chicken skin…just cut that shit the fuck off. 

What I should have done before wrapping the mozzarella sticks with the skin – was season the skin. I could have went wild here. Maybe a jerk chicken or a BBQ seasoning. Maybe get a rosemary and parmesan thing rockin’…but nope. I took the fuckboi way out and seasoned them with nothing. I did end up hitting them before eating with a little S&P (thats salt & pepper for those of you who get in the shower before turning on the water. Fucking terrorist)

I fried them for roughly 5 minutes, or until the cheese started to pre-ejaculate its way out of the mozzarella stick. Would have liked to fry for longer. Maybe next time I’ll pan fry them instead of frying them.



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