The Ultimate Ramen Sandwich

The Ultimate Ramen Sandwich


The sandwich in which you are viewing with your eyes is made entirely out of ramen noodles.

Actually its about 70% ramen noodles, 45% puréed butter beans & chickpeas, and like 7% Old Bay Seasoning. Well – actually with the ramen thats also crusted on the outside its about 82% ramen. Im no mathematician but thats a solid 212% of pure ramen fuckery.

The idea for this came to me during an extensive marijuana day dream. If you don’t know what a marijuana day dream is, its when you’re high on marijuana during the day and a shitty idea pops up in your little brain compartment.

The idea was simple: 

purée a bunch of shit – make patties from said pile of puréed shit – deep fry – sell out – cash in – bro down.

What you end up with is a basic white trash hummus. Some real sticky-icky. You could lay brick with this shit. I’m not sure if its the marijuana talking, but I’m even thinking I could start up one of those YouTube channels where its just videos of me sticking my fingers in this P.F.P. (Physical Fart Paste)




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