Bacon Wrapped Taco Pockets

Bacon Wrapped Taco Pockets

The taco pocket may not be the hero we need but it sure as hell is the hero we need.


This is honestly a terrible, lazy and sad attempt for a Sunday Funday video…but it also has not been done before and that’s usually what I’m shooting for. Every week I try to do something that hasn’t been done. I try to avoid doing a play on someone else’s recipe…we save that shit for the Mid-Week Stretch videos (which I haven’t done in months). So even if we’re lacking in the creativity department from time to time I try to bring you cunts something that hasn’t been done.

The taco pocket is simple pocket. Two tacos shells married together, wrapped with bacon and then stuffed with your typical white-America taco fillings. Most people don’t consider these tacos because it’s not a soft flour or corn tortilla filled with fresh fixings and/or slow cooked tough cuts of meat. Every time I post something like this there is an abundance of hipster cunts there to let me know that “that’s not a real taco”. I know this because I’ve posted a lot of taco content and I hear it every fucking time.

I don’t fucking care.

I love tacos. Everyone should love tacos. Everyone should love all forms of tacos. I like to use this style of taco shell more often because they’re statistically trashier then other forms of taco shells and that’s what I’m all about.

Making these is a breeze. All you’re really doing is locking some shells together and securing them with bacon.

A lot of people were wondering why I didn’t wrap the bacon all the way up the shells. 

Because I didn’t.

I was also asked a lot why I didn’t just bake them? Why did I cook them in a frying pan? 

Because the shells would have cooked and burned before the bacon was even close to being complete cooked, stupid.

All I was looking to do was create a large void to fill within some taco shells and I think I hit the fuckin male g-spot of the taco world.


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