Dill Pickle Jell-O

Welcome to the wonderful world of pickle Jell-O.

So I’ve been messing around with gelatin a bit. I could have went nuts with the geletin, but I wanted to keep it simple. I was originally going to try and make slices of actual pickle juice, much like when I made slices of gravy for The Ultimate Shepherds Pie Burger.

All you need for this is are some pickles and geletine.

Heat up 2 CUPS of pickle brine in a sauce pan. You don’t need to bring to an boil or anything, just warm that shit up. Mix 3 packets of geletin in cold brine until its will blended. Mix the brine and geletin mixture and pickle brine well and place into a large Tupperware. Toss in some chunks of pickle and have a fuckin field day.

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