French Onion Soup Tater Tots

French Onion Soup Tater Tots

I am what I would consider a bit of a french onion soup go hard. I think most people are. If you don’t enjoy a good french onion soup there’s a good chance you spend a portion of your time filling out applications for ISIS.

There’s actually no real recipe here. Mainly just combining things. I wanted to make up for the lack of broth I had with my French Onion Soup Burger, which led me to fucking tater island.

Get yourself some onions, tots, and a few cans of either beef broth or canned french onion soup.

The most time consuming process is carmelizing the onions. Low and slow, fuckb0is.

Top your tots with a healthy dosing of caramelized onions and a few slices of cheese (I used provolone) before sliding your masterpiece under the broiler for a few minutes


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