Ultimate Breakfast Lasagna

Ultimate Breakfast Lasagna

I think the nice thing about this breakfast lasagna is that it’s breakfast but in the form of lasagna.

First make your pancake interleaves. Get yourself a baking dish – preferably square. Grease that bad Larry up Drop in 1 /12 Cups of pancake batter and bake at 450° for 5 minutes. 

I’m not sure why I took a picture of these potatoes. I’m not sure what I even put on them. I DO know that I baked myself – followed by the potatoes – for 20 minutes so atleast I have that going for me. (salt, pepper, Old Bay, vegetable oil, and oregano were some of the spices on the potatoes)

Start layering your lasagna.

Pancake – Cheese – breakfast item – cheese – pancake. Rinse and repeat.

I went with homefries, scrambled eggs, and a ham & sweet Italian sausage blend.

Top with cheese and bacon. Bake the magnificent fuck eat 325° for 25 minutes.

kick your day in the dick.


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