French Onion Spring Rolls

French Onion Spring Rolls

Hello everyone, and happy 2018.

We’re kicking this year off with an easy one. French onion spring rolls that eventually make their way onto a piled high roast beef sandwich. 

The nice thing about spring rolls is you can stuff them with whatever the fuck you want. You could even chop up other spring rolls and stuff them in your spring rolls. Wonton wraps are super cheap (think I paid $3) and super useful. Great way to spice up leftovers. Oh, you’ve got a bowl of spaghetti sitting in your crusty fuckin fridge? Toss that shit in a wonton wrapper with some cheese and fry (or bake) those bad bois up. You can also just cut the wraps up into little triangles and fry them up for some crunchy shit to eat on the fly.

I went a little too hard with caramelizing the onions. I like to go big or go home when it comes to onions. Sweat them for a few hours. For these I would go half as hard as I went. You want the onions to be caramelized but you don’t want them do be a borderline onion paste.

You don’t have to serve these on a sandwich. You could do them up with some cheese right in the spring roll. You could serve them with a cheese dip. If you’re feeling froggy you could use the whole wrap and make some sort of giant onion ravioli and really get your stank breath rocking. These decisions are up to you. I’m just here rattling shit off the top of my balding little head.


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